- Openpilot with the Nissan Leaf [Part 1]

I recently treated myself with a brand new shiny comma two. I followed the project for years and just recently in october there is now community support for the nissan leaf!

According to the documentation, you will find the connector for the comma car harness behind the glovebox. Needless to say, this wasn't the case for me. Joined the discord and found some hints about a Japanese Leaf, where the owner found the port behind the instrument cluster.

To actually get behind the instrument cluster I found this video. It is very well explained, and you won't damage you car or yourself if you follow the instructions.

It actually looks kind of scary once you remove everything needed. I took a photo which sums it up perfectly:

Next I found the following adapter with the big X on it. Yeah... DO NOT USE THIS ONE. It will save you some trouble. Go for the other one with the arrow. The adapter can be found behind the metal box.

You can reach it very easily, if you also remove the instrument cluster. You do not need to disconnect any cables. Just put the instrument cluster carefully on the side. Once this is done, just remove the screw I marked with the red arrow. Then you can reach the cable behind the metal box.

Plugin all the cables. You now have plenty of room for good cable management ;). It also a good idea, to make a quick test if comma two, and the cars works before putting everything back in place.

Good luck!